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About Us
about-us‘May Thoughts, Colours, and Words prevail!’

Pictoreal is one of the non-technical clubs in PICT. At Pictoreal, we create and publish an annual magazine of PICT with unique themes every year. Pictoreal organizes several enthusiastic events throughout the year to boost creative minds. The club always focuses on promoting one’s skills in literature, design, and photography. The club always supports individuals to build practical skills like event management, public oration, teamwork, and much more. To enhance one's productive skills, we organize multiple events like Pics-o-Reel, an annual art and photography exhibition-cum-competition where students can showcase their art pieces, and Manthan, an event to promote public speaking skills which consists of mini-events like extempore, debates, group discussions, etc. Pictosocial, a subgroup of Pictoreal believes the culture in PICT to lose ourselves in the service of others until we discover our own lives and our happiness. To promote the same, we organize events like Tree plantation drives, blood donation and Monetary donation drives, and Old-age home or Orphanage visits. To guide and communicate with students in remote areas, we organize Career counselling sessions. Here at Pictoreal, we try to step forward, reach out and help the students in PICT unleash their creative side. Our members in Pictoreal always live by one motto.